The Hypocaloric Diet: What Is It?

The principle of the hypocaloric diet or low-calorie diet is simple: consume fewer calories than you spend. You will need to adapt your diet according to your activities of the day. The hypocaloric diet is not restrictive, that is to say, that one can eat everything, in reasonable proportions of course.

There are many followers of hypocaloric diets, like Tobey Maguire, who has followed a 1200-calorie plan like this one to lose 20 pounds of weight quickly for a role. To lose some pounds, some young mothers have also decided to follow a low-calorie diet after pregnancy.

In addition, according to a recent study on nutrition, the hypocaloric diet is the preferred method for users to lose weight quickly and sustainably.

There are several types of low-calorie diets, such as the Cohen diet, set up by the famous dietitian, and which favors a varied and balanced diet. The Jenny Craig diet is also based on the principles of the low-calorie diet, just like the weight watchers diet.

Other low-calorie diets are much more restrictive, such as the cabbage soup diet which consists of consuming low-calorie soup, combined with 2 or 3 other foods, for 7 days, or the mayo grapefruit diet, whose daily ration for 14 days must not exceed 1000 calories.

Finally, the Montignac diet that reduces the number of calories consumed, would also be inspired by the basic principles of the low-calorie diet.

However, do not confuse low-calorie diet with the “high protein diet, such as the Dukan diet – which emphasizes protein consumption.

To succeed in the low-calorie diet, it will be necessary, as for all other diets, to show willingness and not to skip the period of stabilization, essential for weight loss in the long term.

A low-calorie meal as part of a diet is rather simple because no food is completely forbidden. However, you will first need to define how many calories will contain your low-calorie meal. Everything will, of course, depend on your energy needs. You will need to rely on low-calorie foods, such as fruits and vegetables or cereals.

To lighten your plate as part of a hypocaloric diet, cooking yourself is the ideal. For example, trade white flour for wholemeal flour for a light pizza dough, and prefer grated gruyere to mozzarella. You can lighten your dishes, reducing the fat used. But nothing is forbidden, not even chocolate mousse!