Prolonging E Cigs Lifespan


Before the invention of electronic cigarettes, all the smokers had questions especially due to the fact that the society no longer supports this habit and what makes it worse, there is no help to those who are already addicted. In most cases, the smokers are the worst hit especially with the latest infections that are caused by the harmful chemicals produced from the tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are therefore the next best alternative to tobacco smokers who have been slaves to the bad consequences that result from these chemicals.  These cigarettes only consist of nicotine which is heated and vaporized. It is this vapor that the smoker inhales, it is worth noting that this smoke quickly disappears into the atmosphere once exhaled. It has been identified as one among the best ways to quit smoking though the reality of this idea is on a personal level.

The electronic cigarette has four parts, the atomizer, battery, the cartridges which are refillable and the battery – you can find the highest quality ones through online e cig reviews that are trusted. It is important for the user to take good care of these cigarettes since they are very expensive. These particular parts should be cleaned from time to time precisely once in every week.  The batteries of the cigarettes are rechargeable, while cleaning it is important to first dip the cotton swab in some alcohol and clean the fixing area with the atomizer. This is because this area can harbor the residue of nicotine and it is therefore necessary to ensure this particular area is dry before using next time.

It is important to know the charging capacity of your cigarette battery, it is therefore ideal to ensure the battery is discharged completely . This normally advances the duration of charges the battery is likely to take. Normally if cleaned and well charged, the battery can take up to 300 charges.

ecig-cartridgeIn the case of the cartridges, the user needs to rub a cotton pad in alcohol after which he can clean the outside part. If well maintained, cartridges can e filled up to 20 times though gradually the fiber material will no longer be able to hold the liquid. In such a case, it is suitable to dispose it.  The charger should also be cleaned in the similar manner. The cotton pad rubbed in alcohol should be rubbed at the place of contact where the battery is normally fixed in. for one to have a long lasting battery, regular cleaning and good maintenance is the trick.  It is good to exercise high levels of hygiene with these cigarettes as it will also save your money. Most smokers who follow directions have seen the tremendous changes especially after starting to use these cigarettes.

Caution should also be taken because most of these cigarettes are sold online and scammers can take the advantage to con if you are not linked to the genuine manufacturers (see the Volcano ecig review). It is wise, to make a thorough survey before purchasing these cigarettes. The trick for their lifespan is through proper cleaning and maintenance. It is also important to check the various parts regularly in order to make sure they are in a good working condition.

It is obvious that these cigarettes should be kept in a warm and dry place away from the children’s reach.  This is because if they come in contact with water, it could cause accidents and other inconveniences.  The users should never attempt to clean the cigarettes with their own wisdom as it will not work. Just in case one is in doubt, then it is better to seek for advice form the manufacturers. There are also other websites online with useful tips on how to prolong the lifespan of the electronic cigarettes. The users should also avoid as much as possible sharing these cigarettes for the sake of good personal hygiene. The battery should be closely monitored in order to ensure that it is always in good working condition.

The user should also ensure that it is not overcharged as it will force you to buy another one. It is also essential to make use of the starter’s kit as this will enable you to have all the basic skills required for the entire maintenance of the cigarettes. Once, the cartridge is empty it is advisable to refill it as soon as possible. When you consider how much these cigarettes are going to relieve you from the burden of many harmful effects of tobacco, they one can make efforts to have them clean maintained always.